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You can also go to the ice – from South Africa, New Zealand and mainly from South America, cruises to the coast of Antarctica are performed. This is the season for such trips – because it's summer in the southern hemisphere. Or you can go on a round-the-world cruise. Several ships almost continuously plow the world's oceans, and you can either buy a trip between, say, America and Australia, or you can - if money and time allow – just sail around the ball.

Offers for such tours start from 4 thousand euros for 19 nights on a four-star liner.
There are some cruises and not mass, although they always find their fans. These can be luxury "billionaire class" yachts that are rented anywhere in the world and travel wherever the customer's heart desires. There are also simple sailing yachts that can be rented in Turkey, Croatia, Italy for a small company of 6-10 people. The price of travel is comparable to the cost of living in a good five-star hotel,and the impressions are much more.
"Nest" of the most prestigious liners in the world-of course, Florida. It is from there that the most luxurious passenger ships of our time leave with the regularity of river trams for trips that are scheduled literally by the minute. The ice rink? Please! Multi-tiered hall, not inferior to La Skala-go to the stern. A wedding chapel? How can you go sailing without it… Stewards in white gloves, Parking in the most" hyped " Hollywood movies places-the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Mexican resorts. It's nice that a week-long cruise to any of these vanity Islands will cost almost the same amount as a cruise in Europe. Why is this? Yes, it's just that for US residents this is a "crowd" - a huge flow of tourists throughout the year, everything is debugged, calculated, optimized. And there the measure of luxury that is laid down will be provided, but no more. Any nuances, such as night swimming in the pool are excluded.
Prices - from $ 100 to $ 400. per day of the cruise.
Gallop around Europe

Traditionally, cruises around the Mediterranean were the most affordable and attractive for everyone. And when a person proudly says that "I was on a cruise" and does not specify which one – most likely, he traveled to the Mediterranean sea. For the first time there is almost perfect. You travel together with your hotel room, with the usual restaurant and menu, with the environment that has become familiar in the first day or two… Today this hotel is in Istanbul, tomorrow in Rhodes, and then Haifa, Alexandria, Malta, Crete, Corfu, Venice, Dubrovnik, Marseille, Barcelona, Sicily… Of course, you can't see the entire Mediterranean in a week, but the routes are designed so that the trip is diverse. Like" busmen", "cruisers" travel at a gallop across Europe, but with incomparably greater comfort.
Our fellow citizens are also popular for sailing around Europe, traveling to the glaciers of Iceland and the fjords of Norway, and " Northern "cruises are held when it is too hot in the South, and" southern " ones are a great chance to go back to summer in March and April.

Ships on European cruises are usually not the largest and not the most luxurious.

Prices for most cruises in Europe are from 60 to 130 euros per day. They are determined by the comfort of the ship, the type of cabin, and the season of travel.
Image for "Women portraits in art"

[b]Mona Lisa[/b] is the most famous portrait of a woman, in my opinion

Picture size 77 x 53 cm, wood, oil. Around 1503, Leonardo began working on a portrait of the Mona Lisa, the wife of the wealthy Florentine Francesco Giocondo. This work is known to the common public under the name "Gioconda".

For the first time, the portrait image in its significance became on a par with the most vivid images of other pictorial genres. The Mona Lisa is shown sitting in a chair against the background of a landscape, and the very juxtaposition of her figure, which is very close to the viewer, with the landscape visible from afar, as if from a huge mountain, gives the image an extraordinary grandeur. This impression is also facilitated by the contrast of the increased plastic tactility of the figure and its smooth generalized silhouette with a landscape that goes into the misty distance, like a vision with bizarre rocks and water channels winding among them. But first of all, it attracts the appearance of the Mona Lisa herself – her unusual, as if constantly following the viewer's gaze, radiating intelligence and will, and a barely perceptible smile, the meaning of which seems to escape us.

"Mona Lisa" is distinguished by a stunning elaboration of details — the woman's hair and dress are made with special care, we can make out the parting and individual strands, see the folds and patterned embroidery that adorn the clothes. But no less interesting is the background, which the viewer does not pay attention to immediately. It shows a landscape — a desert area, snow-capped mountains, lakes and winding streams of water.

They say that if you point the magnifying glass at the eyes of a woman in a picture, you can see small numbers and letters. They are called the "da Vinci code". However, I couldn't see them in the photo.