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Petrov-Vodkin's (1878-1939) painting "Morning still life" is filled with quiet joy, so it is very pleasant to look at it. The soft morning light falls on a rough table made of warm light wood, on which there are only a few items. A simple glass vase that barely holds fresh wildflowers ??? delicate blue bluebells and bright yellow daisies. Nearby ??? a very simple Breakfast ??? hot tea and boiled eggs. In the Nickel-plated surface of the teapot, you can see the reflection of a wonderful red cat, which, apparently, is nestled on the owner's lap.

Calmness and peace take possession of the viewer while viewing this still life. In a hungry time, such a Breakfast was welcome, the artist captured a beautiful morning and real life, without embellishment. It is possible that the author expressed in it his view of life, faith in a better future.

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