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The best resorts in Turkey

Enough for the first time

In KEMERA, the Troodos Mountains encircling the Antalya Valley approach directly to the sea.

“The air temperature at Antalya Airport is +32 degrees,” this rest on the plane begins with this announcement. There are several ways for those who come under the Turkish sky here. If you turn to face the Mediterranean Sea (sorry, it is not visible from here), Kemer will be on the right, Antalya on the right, and Belek, Side and Alanya on the left. We will describe them in that order.

- In KEMERA, the Troodos mountains encircling the Antalya valley approach directly to the sea. It is very picturesque, quite green, but there are problems with sandy beaches - they are in separate bays, but there are much more rocks and pebbles (cobblestones, to be honest). Kemer is democratic, cheerful, loved by youth.

- ANTALYA in the summer - almost a million-plus city. Recently, the road network was reconstructed in it, now there is no need to hang around in traffic jams. The city itself is on a 40-meter cliff, beaches and hotels are located on the western and eastern outskirts. Water parks, cafes, shops, a colorful old town with a harbor - there is where to take a walk and do some shopping.

- BELEK - the most expensive hotels on excellent sandy beaches.

- SIDE - pine groves and hotels are a bit simpler.

- ALANYA - the most remote (2.5 hours from the airport) and a relatively inexpensive place. Do not look for landscapes like Kemerovo here, although the beaches are very good.

Two of four seas - a short guide to Turkey

That, in fact, is the whole Turkish geography for the first trip. Of the historical monuments, the most interesting is the amphitheater and surroundings in Side, from entertainment - rafting on the Kepryu river, from natural beauties - a waterfall right in the center of Antalya, perfectly visible from the plane.

Aegean Turkey

- West of Antalya there are more ancient Greek ruins than in Greece itself, and natural beauties amaze even sophisticated connoisseurs. Here, opposite the cozy village and the capital of the Turkish yachting Fethiye, lies the island of Rhodes. He divides the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. On the island, St. Nicholas of Myra was born, one of the most revered saints.

- Fethiye and Marmaris are more expensive than Kemer - here and further along the coast, unlike the democratic “German” Antalya, the stiff English are used to resting. Not so long ago, even the price tags were in pounds sterling. Marmaris is the most youth party place in Turkey. Fethiye and the surrounding villages - for a rich prestigious holiday.

- Next - Bodrum, a little white town in the Greek style, with the ruins of the tomb of the Mausoleum (the "mausoleum" went from here), a medieval fortress, an ancient theater and a stunning sea.

- The next resort is Kusadasi. The hotels are excellent, the sea is magnificent, near Ephesus. The same one where the pyromaniac Herostratus was able to burn the stone temple of Artemis. Ephesus is one of the best preserved ancient cities.

- Noisy and large Izmir is worth a visit just out of curiosity, but the ancient Pergamum and the majestic ruins of Assos should be examined with taste. Aristotle liked it here ...
Usually, the women's clinic gives an approximate list of the necessary wardrobe and accessories for the baby in the first hours and days of life, a list of things for the mother. Also, it is desirable for a woman to make a detailed list of purchases that will need to be made before or immediately after the birth of a child, so that taking it from the hospital does not rush in search of the right things.

What we take with us to the hospital: a list of necessary things
When choosing a maternity hospital, you need to immediately consider whether you can bring and use your own clothes for the newborn or swaddle the baby in hospital diapers in the first hours of life. In medical institutions that are positioned as "baby-friendly" and practicing the most natural childbirth, it is welcome if the baby is dressed in household clothes from the first minute.

In the hospital, the crumbs will need:
A set of clothes immediately after birth: a shirt, blouse or bodysuit with long sleeves, sliders, scratches, socks or "man" with long sleeves, a light cap, a warm cap. In some maternity hospitals, the newborn is immediately dressed in this clothing, without removing the original natural lubricant, so this set can then be put on the baby only after washing. At the last ultrasound and before childbirth, gynecologists voice the approximate height and weight of the child, based on these parameters, you need to select the size of clothes, most often 50-56 is suitable, but if the weight of the newborn is more than 4-4. 5 kg, it is better to take the size 60-62;
Newborn baby diapers (pediatricians advise you to take several pieces from different manufacturers and determine the most suitable brand);
2-3 light and 2-3 warm caps;
3-4 sets of vests, sliders, blouses or bodysuits and "men", given that the clothes can get dirty when changing diapers, regurgitation of the baby;
3-4 light and the same number of flannel diapers, if you plan to swaddle a newborn;
Baby hygiene products: baby powder, baby oil, baby body milk, diaper cream, wet wipes;
Electronic thermometer;
Clothes for discharge taking into account the time of year: in winter, the baby can be dressed in a warm jumpsuit and wrapped in an envelope, in summer-you can do with a beautiful suit and envelope.

Going to the hospital, you also need to think about things for mom. Experienced parents are advised to take:
Documents (medical card, and exchange and birth certificate required, if it is on hand, passport, insurance policy);
A set of clothes for childbirth (a simple light nightgown, if the hospital does not issue, rubber Slippers);
The robe is light or warm depending on the time of year;
2-3 pairs of socks;
Disposable diapers, they are useful in the first hours after birth;
Breast pump, to avoid problems with breast;
Breast pads;
Bra for nursing mothers;
Familiar cosmetics for face and body care that a woman uses;
Phone, charging, and other items that will be recommended in the women's clinic or during a study visit to the maternity hospital.
Looking for something to surprise your loved one with? Every person has their own characteristics. If we are talking about a gift to the bride, then the best choice is to buy wedding rings with diamonds. Like a spring flood, the men stormed the stores and departments of gifts to choose anything out of the ordinary that could lead to the delight of capricious women. If you are planning to present a colorful gift, then think about gifts that allow you to touch the beauty. Landscape-a type of art, where the main image is considered to be nature, views of the countryside, historical objects. Distinguish between architectural landscape, or seascape. This gift will be interesting for both men and women. When searching for a painting for a certain space, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with various genres. Here you will find paintings made in the style of primitivism. After viewing the presented styles, you will probably decide on their genre and buy as a gift, based on who the gift is intended for. Move the fabric must be in dry weather, do not allow sudden changes in temperature. During unloading operations, mechanical effects on the canvas are excluded. It is also important to hang pictures: their deformation is unacceptable. Large-format pictures will not be superfluous to transport without exposing them to vibration. It doesn't matter whether you buy an original or a modern copy. They are performed on identical canvases with virtually identical materials. Therefore, the requirements for preserving original paintings or copies of paintings are the same.

Make them good gifts and give them the opportunity to also get an interesting hobby that will bring a good mood! Unique works of art are a great tool for giving joy to dear people, making life more diverse.
Wondering where to buy a memorable and fun gift?

"What to buy as a gift?"- such a question on a variety of occasions makes many people come up with something there. Always on the go-buy an inexpensive smartphone with a large screen, buy prescriptions and workbooks for class 1 or buy a kitten for free. If you want to keep as many pleasant memories as possible about the gift, in any case it is correct to give unusual gifts that are characterized by their uniqueness. Pictures allow you to revise your personal opinion about buying gifts for those who are dear to us. A portrait is a type of fine art that reflects the appearance of a person or several people. This genre is popular not only in painting, but also in sculpture. How to correctly arrange a picture in a baguette? The main principle of design: the baguette is selected for the picture, not for the furniture. Otherwise, after the next move, you will again have to choose a new frame for the picture. The frame and the canvas should not compete with each other. A good art salon not only demonstrates an assortment of paintings that are striking in variety, but also guarantees comfort in the selection process and delivery to the right place. Move the fabric is in dry weather, not desirable sudden changes in temperature. During loading operations, the picture must be taken by the frame. In addition, it is worth hanging pictures: their deformation is unacceptable. Large-format pictures should be transported without exposing them to vibration. The most dangerous enemy of all paintings is humidity. When the paintings are not participating in the exhibition, try to store them in a place with a sufficiently low humidity. Sudden changes in temperature are very bad for painting, try to provide for this.

Such unusual gifts bring a variety to life. Give your loved ones a piece of attention and joy that they can get for many years.
Unique paintings as the first step to a hobby.

Do you want to buy an unusual gift for your parents or someone special? If you choose an unusual gift, you will see a happy smile and leave a memory of yourself for a long time. Once it was noticed that it is easier for a man to pick up a gift for his beloved - the tradition of giving girls gold or arranging shopping for her is unlikely to ever become outdated. Holidays-a lot of reasons to choose a gift for a loved one-a million, but a loved one-one. Landscape-a type of art where the main image is considered to be nature, cities, and architectural monuments. Distinguish between industrial landscape, or seascape.

In any case, a picture with such a plot is an original gift.

The correct placement of the picture in the room, no matter the apartment or cottage, should enhance the artistic advantages of the picture. You need to choose the lighting and the correct location of the canvas. Otherwise, there is a danger that the painting will only be an inappropriate spot, and its artistic value will be distorted.

A huge selection of paintings in the Arsenal of numerous art stores that you will find, including on this site, will help you with this.

During the transportation of the painting, it may be exposed to shocks, high temperatures, and other factors that negatively affect the condition of the painting when it is transported to another location. To transport works of art with minimal damage to them, it is necessary to take a number of measures that can protect them from the negative impact of the external environment. As a rule, modern packaging material is bubble wrap, which is a very good solution. A very dangerous enemy of all paintings is dampness. Keep this in mind. Sometimes pictures can be damaged by sunlight, as well as ordinary light, such as from a lamp.

Gifts can carry any content, but unique artistic gifts are always a holiday.