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An interesting portrait, which despite the imperfection of writing draws attention to itself. The author probably wanted to attract attention precisely to the face of the emperor, to place his face in the center of the composition. It is brightly lit together with a snow-white lace collar that surrounds it like a halo. The greater part of the canvas is in the shadow, hidden from the viewer. Also bright accents are made by the metal details of the outfit, which appear as if from nowhere in darkness. The artist depicted the emperor who is not handsome, but shining, brilliant, glowing, like some kind of deity.
Unusual composition, group portrait on the background of the landscape. The picture draws attention primarily by the number of characters. Probably, the author wanted to move away from the standard portrait and show different images in one canvas, so that they could be compared, and contemplate a group of portraits as a whole. It is noticeable that the faces of the characters are turned at the same angle, although in different directions. Some of them are quite different, others are very similar. The presence of many people who are clearly posing for the artist, looking at the viewer, makes the composition look like a group photo. A picturesque landscape in the background enlivens the picture, creates some contrast, decorates the composition.
The painting, which combines portrait and landscape and is very distinctive, characteristically depicts the world of that period. It is simply imbued with the spirit of the Middle Ages. The face is slightly disproportionate, standardly turned, haircut and clothes are also typical for the 16th century. And the landscape, which looks a bit strange, is not very organically included in the composition, it also complements the atmosphere of the medieval canvas. In general, all the images are slightly flat, although there are patches of light and shadow. And the landscape brings a pleasant variety, it is simply animated by a portrait. And although it is noticeable that the combination of two genres has not yet been worked out, this is an innovation, a step forward in painting.
Laconic and deep composition. A portrait in which the author has tried not only masterfully, naturally to portray the image of a man, but also to convey his character. The artist skillfully wrote the facial features, the hero's hair, but he wanted to capture to show the viewer and his soul, his inner world. This is one of those paintings in the center of which is the gaze of man. The composition as a whole is quite simple, concise, not replete with details. But in it there is a look from which the viewer cannot turn away; he seems to be summoning him to a dialogue. It is written so vividly and deeply that there is a feeling that this is not a written image, but a real person. This view is intriguing by the fact that it is not clear what exactly it expresses. It seems that the hero is asking a question, a little surprised. But the image as a whole is very peaceful, open, clean. Facial features are more likely even female, and the hero seems to be very delicate, sensitive and restrained. A memorable portrait.
The author called the painting "The Head of a Man", as if it did not deserve to be called a portrait. But this is a real portrait, it is not just a “head”, it is a face, even a look that immediately attracts attention, does not allow tearing it away. The author showed the viewer only a part of the hero’s face, not even very clearly written. But it turned out so expressive, deep, intense. A man looks somewhere far into the distance, through and over, and this as lifts him above everything else, expands his boundaries. The surrounding landscape contributes to the creation of such an impression, which is also not very detailed and clear, but gives a sense of space, spaciousness, distance. The viewer, looking at the hero of the picture, unwittingly tries to guess his thoughts and takes his eye, changes his viewing angle to the world around him. The canvas leaves a strange sensation of detachment from trifles and common life, of philosophical perception of life, the search for something small, but really important.