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Tags: [i]female portrait, white handkerchief, white dress, wooden stick, white cloth, bare feet, dark background, sand, sad look, straight nose[/i]
Tags: [i]horse, rider, Golden harness, gun, earth, dust, hooves, mane, sky, cloud, beard, turban, Oriental clothing, tail, white robe, star on the neck, black man, blue shirt, gold saddle, red shoes, mustache, look[/i]
Tags: [i]turban, Oriental clothing, portrait of a man, leather shoes, musical instrument, rope, waist belt, arch, earth, sky, bushes, greenery, black lattice, carved window, stone wall, white pants, mustache, black eyebrows, carved roof[/i]
Tags: [i]turban, Oriental clothing, dark skin, camel, rider, wooden cane, goals, sky, sunlight, sand, stones, chains, tiger, collar, bare torso, sandals, bushes, mustache, waist belt, saber, rocks[/i]
Tags: [i]turban, Oriental clothing, dark skin, saber, pistol, beard, helmet, steps, carved walls, marble floor, naked torso, silver jug, silver plate, Mat, marble column, guard, elder, chain mail[/i]