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Tags: [i]portrait of a man, turban, Oriental clothing, multicolored carpet, wooden cane, open book, carved wooden table, floor tiles, marble column, beard, darkness, Golden cauldron, bare feet, Golden pen, ornament on the walls[/i]
Tags:[i] portrait of a man, dark skin, marble floor, arch, marble column, Golden spear, Golden belt, dagger, pistol, helmet, chain mail, leather shoes, red robe, green carved door, drawing on the walls, green handkerchief, muscles[/i]
Tags: [i]statue, mountain, sky, clouds, camel, leash, Oriental clothing, earth, grass, path, hump, mountain of things, pack saddles[/i]
Tags: [i]wooden throne, turban, Oriental clothing, saber, pistol, silver jug, Golden ornament, hookah, colorful carpet, wall tiles, red carpet, rope, pattern on the walls, mustache, beard, leather belt[/i]
Tags: [i]turban, Oriental clothing, gun, saber, chain mail, shield, slap, dog, basket, hookah, wooden fence, green branch, zembya, stone, rope, seller, satin fabric, trade shop[/i]