Published: March 29, 2012

Found a picture of Henry Semiradsky, stolen from the Taganrog Museum

Employees of Taganrog police found the stolen painting of Henry Semiradsky

Employees of Taganrog police found the stolen painting of Henry Semiradsky

The picture of Henry Semiradsky worth about 400,000 dollars missing from the vaults of the Taganrog Museum of Art, was found in Moscow. Taganrog police found her in a private collection. With its owner under house arrest.

"The fact that the stolen Karina found - a great success, usually a work of art having a special value, do not come back" - this opinion was expressed by the head of Internal Affairs Sergei Dralkin the city of Taganrog.

Henry Semiradsky - a student of Karl Bryullov. "In the morning the market" - the only complete work of the artist, which was located in the Rostov region.

Recall of the loss became known in early October 2005. It was reported that theft from the store helped make the museum one of the employees. The last time a picture of Henry Semiradsky seen five years ago.

Now the canvas is located in the Ministry of Culture. Experts conduct an examination to determine its authenticity. After completion of the investigative activities of painting "morning market" comes back to the museum in Taganrog.

December 21, 2005

By AnnaDanko


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