Published: March 5, 2012


Abstracting in art

One of the main ways of our thinking. Its result - the formation of more general concepts and propositions (abstractions). In the decorative art of abstraction - a process of stylization of natural forms. In the art of abstraction is present continuously, and in its extreme expression in the fine art it leads to abstract, to the particular direction in the fine art of XX century., Which is characterized by the rejection of images of real objects, limiting generalization or a complete rejection of the form, non-objective compositions (from lines , dots, spots, planes, etc.), experiments with color, spontaneous expression of the inner world of the artist, his subconscious in the chaotic, unorganized abstract form (abstract expressionism). This trend is also paintings of Russian artist Kandinsky.

Representatives of some trends in abstract art created logically ordered structure, echoing the search for a rational organization of forms in architecture and design (Suprematism Russian painter Kazimir Malevich, constructivism, etc.) In the abstract sculpture was expressed less than in painting. Abstract art was a common response to the disharmony of the modern world and was a success because it proclaimed the abandonment of conscious in art and encouraged "to give the initiative of forms, colors, color."

By JenKiriakos


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