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Romantic hyperrealism! :SM_idea.gif_SM:
Image for "Men's portraits 16th century"

[i]Philip I the Beautiful, unknown master[/i]
Image for "Men's portraits 16th century"

Ugolino Martelli c. 1535 by Agnolo Bronzino , Staatliche Museen, Berlin, Germany
Image for "Paired portraits (man and woman)"

ab. 1580-1600, Lucas Cranach the Younger,
Unknown German noble couple
Image for "Paired portraits (man and woman)"

1571, Unknown artist,
Hans Jakob Khuen von Belasi zu Lichtenberg, Gandegg und Neulengbach, Herr zu Altenburg und Naudersberg and Margaretha Khuen von Belasi zu Lichtenberg née von Niederthor