Published: April 2, 2012

Albrecht Altdorfer

Albrecht Altdorfer (Albrecht Altdorfer) (about 1480-1538), German painter. the head of the Danube school of painting. He worked in Regensburg. From the earliest years of his artistic life of the works have been preserved. In the mature period of Altdorfer acted as master, has a bright and creative original handwriting. The naive simplicity of unadorned human emotions and relationships, burgher wearing a shade of sobriety, coexist in his work with a touch of romance and poetry of a kind of folk tales. In his hometown Pegencbypge artist was an honorary citizen and popular architect. We know that in 1511 Altdorfer made the trip on the Danube and the Austrian Alps, and the beauty of these places undoubtedly strengthened his passion for landscape painting. The best images of Altdorfer are the ones where the highest place is given to the landscape. Altdorfer builds complex spatial compositions in which the effects skillfully uses day and night lighting.
The main features of creativity Altdorfer fully disclosed already in one of his earliest extant works - "Rest on the Flight into Egypt" (1510, Berlin). Unsophisticated genre motif woven into the bizarre situation of folk tales. The action takes place near a large fountain, adorned with fantastic sculptures. In the body of water splashing fountain angels. Infant Jesus, lying on his mother's lap, reaching for his hand. An elderly farmer Shaggy - Joseph gives Mary a basket of cherries. Long-range plan is busy painting the scenery, rich set of components. This landscape - both the fruit of fantasy artist and a reflection of his real-life knowledge. The passing away a rugged river with mountains and rocks, overgrown with bushes, is an unreal, dreamlike character. At the same time, the closest village house with a peaked overgrown dilapidated roofs seem drawn from life. Altdorfer a lot and worked productively in the field of prints, doing woodcuts and copper, including those devoted exclusively to the landscape.

Interesting multicolored prints Altdorfer in the tree, with a few printed boards, for example, "Madonna." In later years, Altdorfer successfully resorted to the technique of etching, etching his distinguished landscapes, characterized by lightness and tenderness of texture.

The Battle of Alexander of Macedon with king Darius at Issus, 1529 Alte Pinakothek, Munich Landscape with Satyr Family, 1507 The State Museum Picture Gallery, Berlin Holy Night, 1511-1513 The State Museum Picture Gallery, Berlin :: Albrecht Altdorfer
Communion of the Apostles, 1516-1518 The State Museum Picture Gallery, Berlin :: Albrecht AltdorferLot and his daughters, 1537 Museum of the History of Art Vienna, Austria :: Albrecht AltdorferSt. George in the Forest, 1510, Alte Pinakothek, Munich :: Albrecht Altdorfer

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