Published: July 7, 2012


CLASSIC ART (from Lat. Classicus - model) - the art of ancient Greece and Rome, since their heyday, as well as the art of the European Renaissance and Classicism, relies directly on the ancient tradition. In a broader view - the highest achievement of peak periods of art and culture of different peoples, manifested in different, sometimes distant from antiquity, stylistic forms (eg, the art of ancient Egypt, the art of the 13th century Gothic style., European modernism of the 1890s., Etc. etc.). A classic name any work of art, preserved to our time the value of a perfect specimen of art.

A characteristic feature of classical art (Ancient Rome) and Greece

A characteristic feature of the classical art of Ancient Greece was the desire for harmony, ideal beauty and perfection of form. Artists and sculptors of the Greek classical period (V-IV centuries BC) created works of art that were distinguished by balanced proportions, smooth lines, clean forms and perfect proportions. They sought genuine beauty, not a realistic depiction of reality.

The classical art of Ancient Rome was more practical and utilitarian than the Greek. Roman artists were more focused on depicting realistic details and scenes. However, they also strove for balance and harmony of forms, which was evident in architecture and sculpture. Roman artists often used the motifs of Greek art, but introduced their own elements into them and adapted them to the Roman culture and ideology.

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