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The Lumberjack's Breakfast :: Leon-Augustin L'hermitte

The Lumberjack's Breakfast by artist Leon-Augustin L'hermitte - Village life ôîòî
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Leon-Augustin L'hermitte (Leon Augustin L'hermitte) (1844-1925) Le Dejeuner du Bucheron

Oil on canvas 1918

Private art collection

image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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Salam    June 22, 2014

george - Lifehack,org?—©?·??????–?…©????¤? ?›®?‰?Leon?‰›?›??µ? ?­??‹›?…µ??·?¦¬ ?›????????—??°‡?????‰?–°???????±? ??‚?‘ˆ CK?????†????????« ?ˆ???”??ˆ??¦?‰‹??·????¶“? ±?«  ?????©?”? ?„§??—?¬???¬?›? ?«™?????®??°?»?? ???ˆ?®¤?…§?¤©?©‹??? ?±…?«??‡???‹ ????????­?’°????¤«??? You're welcome. Lifehack,org is ralley a useful blog. I've subscribed it. But how would you compare Leon to Paul Potts? Leon's way handsomer!!!!Justin - ?…¬?–‹?©±?‡??·±????„?stephy?—???­?’°??? ?…???­?’°???????????‚CK?•¦Brian - ?????‰?????’?¤©??‹??????????’?????»”?’© [Expand]


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