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The Reprimand :: Jehan Georges Vibert

The Reprimand by artist Jehan Georges Vibert - Rich interiors
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Jehan Georges Vibert (1840-1902) The Reprimand

Oil on panel, 28.5 x 34.9 cm ( 11,2 x 13,7 inch )

Private art collection

image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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Javier    October 25, 2015

Glad you enjoy them, Celeste. Lately I've been doing my posts while Jeanette makes the oatmeal. If there are a few milessplings it's because the first cup of coffee hasn't taken effect yet.Wendy, yes, he was the master of handling reds. Red isn't an easy color to use in light and shadow, because if you make it too light it becomes pink or orange.Rob, I think he pushed the boundaries a bit, even in his own day. His satire is mixed with affection in most of them.Connie, he was known as an amazingly [Expand]


Escuela    October 27, 2015

What a marvelous post! Thank you so much. The paigitnns are so beautiful as well as delightfully friendly poking fun. I know my art classes were all about the experimental artists rather than the ones who were mainstream in the 1800's and beyond. I'd never heard of any of the great 'story telling' Victorian painters until I got out of school. Alma Tadema and all the rest were relegated to "oh, those were the boring mainstream painters." but they were anything but!


Faruq    October 27, 2015

That "Cardinal by the Fire" painting looks iniecdrble! the colors alone for the cardinal's uniform leave me speechless; also, the way he painted the pavement, it conveys such a believable depth of field!... too bad for that Rehs Gallery, Inc. watermark: is so distracting. I have looked everywhere on Google, Bing, and another couple of search engine for the same painting with no luck... Why are there so many few paintings of this remarkable artist available on-line? [url= [link=


Fabiana    October 29, 2015

Elena, Rebecca, B Boylan, and all who are new to Vibert: I'm so glad you enjoy this artist who has been ovklrooeed by the contemporary art establishment. He was really big in his day, and I'm honored to reintroduce him to new eyes. In fact it gives me the delightful feeling of being mildly subversive. The Internet forces everything out into the light, and lends itself to all sorts of wonderful discoveries.


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