Published: January 16, 2015

Guillaume Signac (Guillaume Seignac) - art and painting

Guillaume seignac - art and paiting

Guillaume Seignac, self-portrait


Guillaume Seignac is French artist. He was born 1870- died 1924.

Nationality: French

Student of: William Adolphe Bouguereau (William Bouguereau) (1825-1905)

Guillaume Signac enters the School of Fine Arts in Paris where he studies in the ateliers of Gabriel Ferrier, Tony Robert-Fleury and William Bouguereau which influences him greatly both in the choice of the themes as well as in the technique used, the last having decisive role in the quality of a painting.

He exhibited regularly in the French Art Salon, where he was favored by an honorable mention in 1900 and was awarded by a Third Class medal in 1903.

Women were his preferable theme and the artist often depicted them half naked in some ancient or mythological scenes.

In 1902 Signac settles down in Paris, 84, the Montparnasse Boulevard.




The Odalisque and colombes
The Odalisque and colombes :: Guillaume Seignac
By The Well
By The Well :: Guillaume Seignac
Admiring Beauty
Admiring Beauty :: Guillaume Seignac
Fragrant Iris
Fragrant Iris :: Guillaume Seignac
Idolence :: Guillaume Seignac
Solitude :: Guillaume Seignac

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