Published: December 26, 2019

Venus and Volcano with Weapons for Aeneas - Francois Boucher

Venus and Volcano with weapons for Aeneas by Francois Boucher painting

The picture of the French artist Francois Boucher "Venus and the Volcano with weapons for Aeneas." The size of the picture is 252 x 175 cm, oil on canvas. Aeneas, in ancient mythology, one of the main defenders of Troy, the legendary founder of the Romans. The parents of Aeneas, according to Virgil, were Ankhiz, the grandson of the Trojan king Il and a cousin of Priam, and the goddess Venus.

According to legend, in his youth Ankhiz was unusually beautiful and, falling in love with him, the goddess of beauty Venus gave birth to his son Aeneas, while taking from him a promise not to tell anyone about their love. Ankhiz could not resist, boasted about this to his friends, for which he was punished: the thunder god Zeus struck him with blindness. According to ancient Italian myths, Venus turned to her husband Vulcan to forge magic weapons and armor for Aeneas, who was to take an active part in the Trojan War.

According to Homers Iliad, Aeneas escaped death in the Trojan War thanks to the intervention of the gods, as he was destined to continue the dynasty of the Trojan kings and restore the glory of the Trojans to another land. In the battles of Troy, Aeneas took an active part; in fights with Diomedes and with Achilles, he was saved from death for the first time by Venus, the second time by Poseidon.

This version formed the basis of Virgil's Aeneid, which is the main source in the presentation of the myth of Aeneas. Plots of the myth of Aeneas were often used in literature, art and music during the Renaissance and the New Age.

image: Public domain

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