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Published: April 2, 2012


PAPER (from the Italian. Bambagia - cotton) - a material for writing, graphic works of art and household goods. B. invented in China in 2., In the center of production of I millennium B. was Samarkand, in the 12th century. it became known in Europe at the Moscow State first paper mill appeared in the 16th century., paper mills were built under Peter I, but until the 19th century. in Russia is mainly used to trace the history of the imported B. B. to 19. You can stamp ("watermark"), which were placed on sheets for manual production. B. The development of machine production contributed to the printing press. The recycling of materials (rags, wood, pulp, straw with additives) to receive over a thousand varieties of B., differing in color, texture, absorbency, thickness, including watercolor, "Alexandria" (pencil drawing), estampnaya, "Oil" (for lithographs), and other artistic features B are very broad: the schedule (all techniques), papier-mache, lacquer art, toys, silhouettes, etc. It has long been known to Chinese lanterns, kites and dragons " window flowers "(which graced the windows of houses)," the endless patterns ", in the 18th century. addicted to paper mosaic, table decorations, which was converted into a table covered with a lush garden. In the beginning. The 20th century. BA carried away by the sculptors, architects, designers, bands of B. forming complex compositions kontrrelefy etc.

By JenKiriakos,  


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