Published: April 2, 2012


Body Art (English body art - the art of the body) - avant-garde trend that emerged in the 1960s. Representatives B.-a. used his body as a material object, and creativity, resorting to a variety of often painful manipulations: their bodies were covered with plaster, painted them, incised, vypolnyaliiznuritelnye breathing exercises, set fire to his hair, etc. A special kind of B.-a. - Samodemonstratsiya artist in different positions. Some demonstrations B.-a. were erotic or savage nature. As a manifestation of actionism, B.-a. approaches to a number of phenomena arising in line with the counterculture (tattooing and body painting, nudity, "sexual revolution"). Representatives B.-a.: Vito Acconci, Terry Fox, Gina Pane, Chris Burden, Bruce McLean, Bruce Nauman, Keith Sauniere.

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