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Published: July 7, 2012


GENRE (Fr. genre - genus, species) - in the fine arts collection of the works, united by a common range of themes, subjects of the image (the historical genre, genre, battle genre, portrait, landscape, still life, animal genre), and the author's attitude to the subject to a person, a phenomenon (a caricature, a cartoon), or a way of understanding and interpretation (an allegory, fantasy).

Elements of genre distinctions are known since ancient times: animalistic images in the caves of the Paleolithic, the fixation of mythological tales in the late Stone Age petroglyphs, portraits of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the W millennium BC. Oe., landscapes and still lifes in the Hellenistic and Roman mosaics and frescoes, hieratic religious songs (Christian, Buddhist), the Middle Ages. However, the formation of Jean as a system, which characterizes a diverse range of interests inherent in world culture, began in the 15-16 centuries. and they were made mostly in the 17th century. in connection with the general progress of European art, its division into separate Jean contributed to a more profound study and reflection of reality, art and spiritual values ​​of society.

GENRE - formation due to the accumulation and development of resources, skills and traditions of each J.

The modern concept of Jean received the greatest development on the basis of stantsovan art sculpture in the division of J. somewhat different, since their classification is based largely on the earmarking of sculptural works (monument, gravestone, decorative relief, medal gem), but there remain persistent theme H . (portrait, home, history, battle-Jean). Along with the system of modern European J. There are other systems existing in other geographical and historical conditions. These are the classical Chinese painting F (jen-y, shan shui hua-nyao) corresponding to the characteristics of humanitarian tradition of China, has developed its own system of J. in

Old art, and you can select specific features in the art of GENRE Ancient East, Ancient America, Ancient World etc.

GENRE. - a historical category. Formed by GENRE vary in the development of art. J. Some die or acquire a new meaning (eg, the mythological genre), there are new - usually as a result of differentiation of pre-existing, J. (for example, the emergence of the architectural landscape and the marina as a landscape species J.). There are new synthetic J. (for example, a combination of domestic M in the landscape, group portrait with the historic GENRE).

The word "genre", "genre" often means the genre and its specific qualities, the spirit of daily life, daily life system.

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