Published: April 9, 2018

The water burning fat

For certain you have also noticed an agiotage around water which burns fat. But how exactly water can remove fat from your organism? It is quite obvious that water is not some magic dietary additive.

How a process of splitting of fats goes?

Your body needs enough water every day to remain moistened and to be cleaned from undesirable minerals. It is very difficult to break and eliminate fatty deposits which are formed, but exercises and healthy eating can help with this question considerably. Fat is split when the organism uses it to release energy. And energy is most often necessary when you actively move. Thus triglycerides are removed from fat cells. They are split into fatty acids and glycerin, and then soaked up in muscular tissue and internals where break up by means of various chemical processes. If the products which have remained from these chemical processes aren't used as power sources, they are perceived by an organism as waste and are removed from it. Water is necessary for this very purpose.

Role of water

Water is a vehicle which is used to remove such waste from an organism. The minerals remained after splitting of fat are removed by means of water which you drink every day. Water transfers this waste to a bladder, and then they are removed with urine. Our body is really amazing! It is very important to drink enough water every day to support the normal level of moisture in an organism and to keep on splitting and removal of fat cells. Many sources state that you have to drink not less than eight glasses of water a day, but this figure can change depending on how often you train, and even what temperature is outside. Try to drink water during the day and give it preference before the juice, carbonated or sweet drinks as they actually dehydrate an organism even more. A lack of energy during the day and even headaches are often a result of moderate dehydration. Therefore it is important to make effort and to drink more water.

Recipe of fat-burning water

  • 2 liters of clean water;
  • 1 tangerine;
  • ½ of sliced grapefruit;
  • 1 sliced cucumber;
  • 4 branches of pepper mint (its leaves);
  • ice of the clean water (optionally).

Mix all ingredients in a jug before going to bed and drink it during the next day. Use only organic products. If you cannot afford them, carefully wash products before adding them to water.

How does it work?

Tangerine increases sensitivity to insulin, stabilizes sugar level in blood. As it contains a lot of vitamin C, it increases combustion of fat during the training.

Grapefruit increases metabolic energy and burns fat.

Cucumber will help you not to be hungry. Besides, it is an excellent diuretic which will prevent you from an abdominal distension and fluid retention.

Mint assists in digestion.

Pay attention! Usual drinking water or even this recipe isn't capable to cope with fat by itself. You need to be still physically active and to do exercises which help to split fat which your organism could use further. Also the healthy eating plays a huge role. It is not about restriction of calories. Be just sure that you eat healthy products. At least, this recipe will give you additional nutrients during the day and will help you to drink enough liquid. Enjoy!

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