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Bather by Moonlight :: Etienne Dinet

Bather by Moonlight :: Etienne Dinet - Nu in art and painting
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Etienne Dinet (1861-1929) Bather by Moonlight

Oil on canvas Public collection

[ East beauty in an elegant headdress and a silver bracelet is bared before night bathing. ]

image: Public domain

Submitted by: marina51

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WuDong   User Rating: 815  April 23, 2015

What fine starlit night are!


WuDong   User Rating: 815  April 23, 2015

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User   User Rating: 400  March 17, 2019

The picture draws the attention to itself with some mysterious unreal atmosphere that resembles a dream or an illusion. Probably, this unreality is created by an unusual palette that color the whole composition in unusual tones. Moonlight illuminates all the elements with a soft glow, which changes their usual appearance, slightly blends colors without making the composition pale. The heroine of the canvas is naked, but has a number of jewellery that give the image of regality, significance. And [Expand]


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